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With Dan Bennett, b.Sc hons, mbacp

Training, qualifications & experience

Main Qualifications

Integrative Psychotherapy, B.s.c. Hons Degree (Roehampton University)

Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

BACP Certificate of Proficiency

Counselling for Addiction (s) - CPD

Counselling for Suicide and Self Harm - CPD

Counselling the Inner Child - CPD

Counselling for Eating Disorders - CPD

Areas of Study

Attachment Theory and Childhood Trauma (Bowlby)

Mind and Body Connection to Trauma (how trauma is held in body tissues)

Childhood Trauma (Donald Kalsched, Jung and Winnicot)

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I been a therapist for 15 years providing many hours of psychotherapy for people from young adolescents to adults seeking therapy for a wide range of issues such as Anxiety. Addiction, Depression, Bereavement, Loss, Trauma, PTSD, Relational issues, OCD, Bipolar, Psychosomatic Stress, childhood.

I provide Business Psychotherapy and Leadership Coaching for small to medium sized businesses helping founders and CEO's to understand how their own view point and emotions can impact the way the lead their employees and the organisation and empowering owners to spend greater time working ON the Business as opposed to operationally within the business. This results in greater profitability for owners, enhances staff well-being and strategic planning for future growth and accomplishment of organisational goals.

I worked as a client focused drug and alcohol rehabilitation psychotherapist at the MACS Project in Wimbledon for 18 months as one of my work placements during my 2nd and 3rd year of university and have also studied the relationship between attachment issues and addiction. I have helped many clients become sober and abstinent combining a combination of addiction-focused and relational psychotherapy.

I have worked with clients with eating disorders for 15 years providing coaching for obesity and anorexia and now provide an integrative Health coaching program which addresses the underlying reasons and helping clients understand their relationship to food both on a behavioural and psychological level,

I'm also experienced with Anxiety and Depressive illness and helped the establishment of MIND Counselling Services in Wandsworth offering Psychotherapy for individuals and group facilitation.

Other Relevant Studies:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Transactional Analysis

If you would like to hear what some of my clients have said about having me as their counsellor/psychotherapist please see my 'Testimonials' page.

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